“Heavyweight Marketing” Book Review by Small Biz Trends

Read Heavyweight Marketing, It’s a Knockout

by Ivana Taylor, Book Editor, Small Biz Trends

Are you a marketing junkie? You know the symptoms. You can never get enough marketing advice, marketing books, marketing articles or programs. This is a problem. And one that is easily enabled by my latest marketing read: “Heavyweight Marketing: Knockout Strategies For Building Champion Brands” by Nikolas Allen (@Nikolas_Allen).

I received a review copy from Allen and have been thumbing through it on and off over the last few weeks. All I can say is that it’s a marketing junkie’s dream.

It’s Heavyweight Marketing for Lightweights

This book is ideal for new startups, solopreneurs, retailers and service businesses. If you love your business and aren’t sure about how to begin with the whole marketing process, you will love this book. Read more